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The Official Proto Play Release Trailer for CENTEPDE our new project that we have been collaborating with a designer from over in New Jersey. We have been keeping everything quiet as we wanted to make sure we were coming and showing the best. We hope everyone is excited for the launch. With Pocket Gamer Connect just round the corner the perhaps production will even increase and we can start really add to those release Titles.

Pocket Gamer Connect #8.

As the studio begins to moving forward approaching the pocket gamer connect #8 coming along and being hard at work pushing for that deadline and planning promo launch in planned style. We thought since we have been dark on the form of teasing what we are working on it was only as we wanted it to look right before we let it drop. We are now at stage we can release a small tease to what can be expected from the current Project in the works. And without any more delay a small Example of what you can expect to see at pocket gamer connects #8.

Where have we been!

So, the last few weeks have been extremely busy for the studio. There was GameParade Jam which we took part in, then was vacation time at which point another door open with yet another opportunity. Currently Rift Riders update has been placed on hold due to being approach from a private client looking for a prototype to be produced. At this point we are not announcing who we are working with but we can say is that they have been in the industry since the 80’s brushing shoulders with some of the innovators of technology. This was a really promising project and given the credentials of the client was decided to take on the client a place Rift Riders on hold as everyone got bills to pay.

We were also advised to allow the community to support the developer by having a donation link for the studio, so as suggested this post contains the link also and we hope to release more details in the coming weeks…



Game Parade Jam Summer 2021.

So totally leaving the thought was fact this week was Game Parade Jam Summer 2021 so as much as I will try and still push out the update by the end of the week. I am leading a team in the jam so Rift Riders development may be a week later. This means we can share the jam game here and we can’t network more within the industry. So rift riders will still see a full release update it will just be slightly later than planned but if anything it will just mean the polish will be better when the full release hits.

New UI required program a new system.

After re-designing the UI was decided that the whole UI system code be doing with a re-program also so this is ultimately going push development back slightly. Although I have not let that discourage progress and felt showing off a Teaser of UI as it looks before full re-program.

new UI images in place.

With the new UI Images all imported it was time to begin reprogramming the UI system to be as sleek as it looks. It took many visit back and fourth to finally decide on the colour scheme. The decision was final after conferring with friend with a PHD and feel confident in the advice received. And one day perhaps Psyber Games Studios will be able have someone of her caliber on the team. But back too work and will keep you updated and try make daily post if time allows so.

After Official Release Rift Riders Trial.

So after officially releasing on google play store it was decided that the UI need a Revamp and so here is WIP of the overhaul that has begun and will see the UI become much sleeker in look and in user interaction.


There are little minor bugs to be addressed but we are planning for this update to be released quickly to allow for growth of user by making the game more user friendly.

We are also looking to address the issue at the moment where the leader boards and achievements are not loading we are on this along with the UI revamp and should be pushing a fix for these with the same update.

Official Release Rift Riders.

So on the 5th of July 2021 Psyber Games Studios released Rift Riders the first published game released by the studio and on the birthday of the Founder of the Studio. What memorial birthday it was woke up to have my kids present my gift then to check my emails and status of google play store app release and there it was release status. Such memorial moment had been achieved can find the game on the google play store with the following link.


Rift Riders (Pre-Release.)

30/06/2021 Was the officially date of pushing the APK to the google play store and currently waiting review to got public. Will Update with link to Play store once the it is publicly live. Excitement is and understatement such achievement and so proud of the work produced by the team with the short development target that was achieved successfully with only 4 weeks start to finish for the whole development. From Design, to working out the game loop to finalizing little things just to make the overall feel of the game something that can be easy to pick up and play and have little fun in the process. With the approach of a free game is a fun game, but we all need to be paid so we have put rewarded ads to allow players to support development of more content and more games.

(Posted by Lead Developer of Rift Riders.)

Rift Riders.

Rift Riders – In Development.

With current stage of rift rider closing in on the release build the work achieved in short period time has been impressive and we look forward to working on future updates after release.